Kotliners 2019

Posted on by Balázs Zsédely

We build digital services used by millions all around the world. We’ve been using Kotlin in production for more than 3 years now, both for Android and backend. Kotlin changed the way we work, so we decided to give back, and help the community to grow and flourish – this is why we started Conference for Kotliners last year. We also orchestrate trainings, run monthly meetups, organise Kotlin Budapest, an official user group, and publish blog posts around the language.

We partnered with Together with Google Developers, JetBrains, and Kotlin/Everywhere to present an outstanding conference for Kotliners all around the globe. It doesn’t matter if you just heard about the language, are an expert coder, or work on the ecosystem, you better be here.

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Final lineup

All Day

  • KOTLIN CLINIC BY JETBRAINS, It’s offical! Jetbrains will host an all-day Kotlin Clinic at the conference. If you want to ask Kotlin-related questions from the people behind the language, or would like to meet folks from the Kotlin team, you’ll have the chance to do so.

Main Track

Our main track focuses on the cutting edge, with talks about domain driven development, FP + Arrow_kt, metaprogramming, Multiplatform, and Kotlin Native

Android Track

Our Android track focuses on practical applications of Kotlin on @Android, featuring DI with @insertkoin_io, code sharing with iOS, code reviews, Mobius architecture, and coroutines


Budapest, the host city of Kotliners, located in the heart of Europe, has it all: a thriving and ever-growing tech community, scenic architecture and sights, relaxing spas, booming food scene, and epic parties. And we’re only a few hours away from most capitals in Europe.

Get your ticket


Kotliners will happen exactly 3 weeks from now. Tickets are available in a limited number, get yours, and meet you there!