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Introducing Kotlin Resources

Posted on by Balázs Zsédely



We use Kotlin in production for 2 years now. The language had a huge positive impact on us, so we decided to give back to the community. This is why we launched an open source project to make an awesome Kotlin resource index. We already have traction, and an ambitious roadmap to which you can contribute.


At Makery, we're working on mobile applications both for Android and iOS, and usually we deliver the backend as well. We write native code for both platforms, and we are always experimenting with new technologies. This is how we first met with Kotlin, back in 2013. Our first line of Kotlin code was written in v0.53b! Even though the language was in a very early stage, we found it very promising, and became huge fans immediately. We've been using Kotlin for production for 2 years already, when Google announced it as an officially supported language for Android development in May. We are stoked about this, and warmly welcome the commitment from Google, which gave a huge boost to the surrounding ecosystem.

Ecosystem landscape

Since we have the expertise in Kotlin, we're eager to give back to the ecosystem. Great people and companies already joined to the "Kotlin Club" and doing excellent work on the topic, see some examples below.

Great devs became enthusiasts quickly, like:

  • Jake Wharton, who moved from Square to Google to work on Kotlin only.
  • Nick Butcher from Google, who gives very passionate talks about Kotlin
  • Antonio Leiva from Plex, who helps the community with very detailed posts
  • Christina Lee, a passionate Kotlin evangelist from Pinterest

Huge companies already adopted Kotlin:

  • Google
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Pinterest
  • Amazon
  • Basecamp
  • and more.

Well written tutorials about Kotlin development:

We know that some other great resource lists are already exist:

But we don't want to stop there. We know that developing and maintaining a language is extremely time-consuming, so we try to do our best to help spread the word with writing blog posts, and building an awesome Kotlin index for the language. This is why we started this blog, and

If you are familiar with the Scala language, you may already heard about the Scala Index. Our goal is to build something similar - the definitive index around the Kotlin ecosystem.

How does it work?

We've partnered with Netlify and Algolia search, and made it open source. We try to grow the database with as little manual work as possible, so we set up an automated workflow: every day we crawl the web for new libs, and incorporate them into Kotlin Resources.
The backend is written in Ruby for now, but we plan to move it to Kotlin (we are open for any help from the community). Our reason behind this decision was a rapid prototyping, but we plan to port everything to Kotlin.

Let's see what are the major features of


  • we've indexed more than 150+ libraries for Kotlin already
  • each library item covers:
    • category
    • tags
    • Github description
    • licences
    • Maven artifact information
    • related libraries

Contextual search

You can search not only for exact library names, but in the description and tags as well. It's very useful when you want to look for alternative services, or just dive into a specific field.

How to contribute

Since it's an open source project, we wanted to make the contribution process as easy as possible.
We added step-by-step instructions, describing the way to contribute. In short:

  • create a new JSON file following the naming convention: {author}-{library}.json,
  • use this template
  "name" : "{author}/{library}",
  "sourceUrl" : "{project url}",
  "mavenMetaUrl" : "{maven-metadata.xml url}",
  "platform" : "{JVM | JS | Native}",
  "category" : "library",
  "tags" : [ {tags} ]
  • add maven informations,
  • add tags,
  • and creat a pull request.
  • 🙌


We have ambitious plans for the future:

  • add Articles & Posts section
    • already under construction
    • the goal is to crawl well written articles from the web and match them with the libraries
  • add related Books, eBooks section
  • add related Videos, Webinars section
  • add related Podcasts section
  • (add related Hiring)
  • add more precise Statistics
  • add Reference documentation
  • add Dependencies
  • add more advanced Search
  • make GitHub issues visible that require community contribution
  • and more are coming.

Launch in numbers

  • over 40k operations
  • over 7k unique pageviews
  • avg. time on page 1:30 mins
  • most viewed library is Anko
  • most visited Tag page is Android

Support / Bottom line

Please note that we launched Resources and this Blog early August, so there is a lot of space for improvements and we're working on it on top of our daytime work.
We want both the resource site and the blog to be active and helpful for the community, so we encourage you to contribute. If you like this project, and would like to build together, let us know:, and follow Kotlin Development on twitter.