The Story Of Kotliners

Posted on by Andras Kindler

We're a team of Kotlin enthusiasts and early adopters, using Kotlin in production for more than 2 years now. So naturally, we wanted to give back from day one - besides running the Kotlin Development blog, we're the organizers of Kotlin Budapest, an official user group, with monthly meetups. We also had a dream of organizing an all-day event around Kotlin, and attending last year's KotlinConf was the last piece of inspiration we needed - we decided to go for it.

And Budapest is the perfect city for such a conference. Located in the heart of Europe, Budapest has it all: a thriving and ever-growing tech community, scenic architecture and sights, relaxing spas, booming food scene, and epic parties. And we’re only a few hours away from most capitals in Europe.

In the meanwhile, we became partners with Together with Google Developers, and we also asked JetBrains for help. And we received a lot (speakers, swag, raffle prizes, and lots of support as well) - we're very thankful for everything, we couldn't have organized this conference without them.

We worked hard to come up with our lineup - we wanted to have experts from every field related to Kotlin, covering a diverse set of topics. We also had a call for papers, with over 30 submissions with interesting subjects - selecting two of them was not easy. So this is our final lineup, in the order of the schedule:

Kotliners will happen exactly 3 weeks from now - still plenty of time to book a flight. Tickets are available in a limited number, get yours, and meet you there!