Conference for Kotliners 2018 recap

Posted on by Akos Komuves

After years of running the Kotlin Budapes user group, lots of meetups, and this blog, we decided to dream bigger, and go the extra mile: we set out to organize an all-day Kotlin conference. Fast-forward to the 15th of June, 2018, Kotlin enthusiasts from all around the world gathered in Budapest, Hungary for the first ever Conference for Kotliners.


About the conference

Kotliners was a blast, with attendees from more than 10 countries - fans, beginners, experts, and people who work on the language and the surrounding libraries gathered in the Budapest Music Center to hear about the present and future of Kotlin ecosystem. The conference featured speakers who are experts in every aspect of the language. We had talks from Eugenio Marletti (GDE, and Lead Android Developer at Clue), Zhixuan Lai (Android Platform Team at Tinder), Dmitry Jemerov (Principal Engineer at JetBrains), Annyce Davis (GDE, and Android Development Manager at Off Grid Electric), Gyula Vörös (Co-founder and Tech Lead at Makery), Paco Estévez (Facebook UK, Λrrow Maintainer), Wolfram Rittmeyer (GDE, and GDG Co-organizer), and Andrei Chernyshev (Senior Software Engineer at Outfittery).

Thank you all!

The 15th of June was a truly special day. We had a lot of fun, made new friends, and learned a lot - we hope you did too! We want to thank every one of you - speakers, attendees, friends at Google Developers and JetBrains - for being with us and helping us.

Kotliners 2019

Kotliners 2019 is on its way, with more details to come soon.

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See you again next year!

Talk recordings and event photos

We're making talk recordings and photos available to everyone. You can watch videos of every talk on the site or below, and see photo highlights. Also, we created an after-movie, check it out below!

The community said

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